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Face Masks  //  Night Cream (similar)  //  Nail Polish  //  Coconut Oil  //  Serving Tray

Out of every day of the week, Sunday’s are always my favorite. Most people love to spend their Sunday’s doing absolutely nothing (I do this on Saturday’s), which is okay! I spend my Sunday’s preparing for the week ahead. I’m the type of person that has to organize and plan everything out, which is why this is my favorite day!

When I first wake up on Sunday’s (which is usually around 7:30am because I can’t sleep in :/ ), I eat a little bit of breakfast (while planning out what I am going to cook throughout the week), workout, and then head to the grocery store to get my groceries for the week. Once I get home, I start prepping my lunches for the week.

Once I finish with all that, I start my coconut oil hair mask. I got my coconut oil from Aldi (it seemed to be the cheapest), but you can literally find it anywhere. I swear by coconut oil. You can literally use it for anything from makeup remover, face scrub, moisturizer, to lip balm! Some people like to melt the coconut oil before they put it in their hair, but I just find that to be too messy. I take a teaspoon of coconut oil, warm it in my hands a little bit, then start putting it in my hair. Since I have oily hair, I usually only put it from the middle to the ends of my hair. Take more teaspoons out until your hair is completely covered where you want it. I let it set in my hair for about two hours. While I let it set, I start doing laundry, plan blog posts for the week, and clean my makeup brushes.

After my coconut oil hair mask has set, I take a shower. It usually takes about 2 washes to completely wash out all of the coconut oil. But once you are done, you will notice how soft your hair is! It also makes it thicker and grow faster. I do this only once a week. One time during the week (usually Wednesday’s), I use a 3 minute hair mask that I bought from Dollar Tree, just to give it a little extra moisture after washing.

Also while I am in the shower, I like to exfoliate my face to get off all the extra dead skin cells, so my makeup will look fresher throughout the week. Once out of the shower I apply a face mask. I usually use the Dead Sea Essentials by Ahava soothing chamomile spa facial and mud mask (found at Target), or a Nugg face mask. It helps to detoxify and deep clean my skin. I just recently bought two new face masks at Walmart by Freeman (you can see them in the photos above). I’m going to give them a try this weekend!

After I’m done with my face mask I apply my ELF nourishing night cream, then watch Netflix (I’m currently watching Friends 🙂 ) while painting my nails.

How do you prepare yourself for the week? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe!

XoXo Valerie


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