Cold Shoulder Top






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Top // White Pants // Heels // Clutch (similar) // Clutch (similar, less expensive) // Necklace

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent most of mine taking care of my boyfriend. He had the flu, but is finally over it! At this point I’m pretty much waiting my turn to get it, considering EVERYONE at work has it too. Luckily I have been drinking my orange juice, so I’m praying that will help. I was able to get out of the house for a little while on Saturday for a wine and food tasting with a few friends. I’m happy to say I found a red wine that I love! I’m usually only a white wine person, so this is huge for me!

The weather this past weekend was beautiful, and today it’s 75 degrees! Which calls for a spring post. This season is all about cold shoulder tops.This long sleeve one is perfect for winter to spring transition with the long sleeves. It pairs perfectly with these white jeggings and black stud heels.This leopard clutch has become a huge closet staple for me, and will be repeated multiple times (just a warning!). You can find the original at Accessory Lane, but it’s currently sold out (I will let everyone know when it’s restocked) so I tagged two different options for you. One is more on the pricier side, while the other is more affordable.

Have a great week everyone! Wednesday I will be posting the last outfit for the “How To Wear A Graphic Tee” series! Did you enjoy that series? What other series’ would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below, or shoot me an e-mail: ❤


How To Wear A Graphic Tee: Week 2





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Graphic Tee // Suede Skirt (similar) // Blazer // Necklace // Booties (similar) // Lip Color // Clutch (similar)

Happy 1st day of March! Does anyone else feel like this year is just flying by? It feels like Christmas was just yesterday! Also, please excuse my super white legs, I’m in major need of a spray tan! 🙂

This is week number 2 of How To Wear A Graphic Tee (if you missed week 1, click here). This week I am styling a graphic tee with a suede skirt (this skirt has been featured on Styled Muse before in this post). You can also wear a graphic tee with other types of skirts like this floral one or this tulle skirt. Of course, I paired this graphic tee with a blazer (love them), statement necklace, and booties. I linked everything above, but if something is sold out, then I linked similar options.

I know I have probably said this before, but graphic tees are so versatile. They can easily be dressed up or down! I always seem to find really cute ones on the Target clearance rack, which leads to me having way more than I need in my closet. Luckily, my full time job doesn’t have a dress code (most people just wear sweatpants, no joke), so I always wear them there… with yoga pants, haha!

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How To Wear Leather Pants




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Tunic // Leather Pants // Necklace // Heels // Bag (similar) // Lipstick

Happy Bachelor Day! (That sounds much better than Monday, right?) Who is your favorite so far? I’m torn between Lauren B. and Jojo!

First of all, please ignore how crazy my hair looks! It was SUPER windy while we were shooting this haha!

As winter is coming to an end (and posts from now on will be mostly spring related), I decided to do a “goodbye winter” post with leather pants. No, leather pants aren’t only for the 80’s! They are perfect for fall and winter wear. I love pairing mine with a long tunic, and tucking in the front (shown above). Or with an over-sized sweater or flannel shirt. You can even dress them down by wearing a sweatshirt and white converse.

This blush colored tunic is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring, considering you can wear the sleeves all the way down, or roll them up with the snap on the side of the sleeve.

What’s your favorite way to wear leather pants? Let me know in the comments!


Instagram Roundup

Happy Friday! I am so happy it is finally the weekend. I felt like this week was never going to end.

I decided to do an Instagram roundup today, since I haven’t done one in a long time! I noticed a lot of my readers come from Facebook and don’t have an Instagram account, so this is a perfect time to find out where everything is from!

Everything in each photo is tagged with a link to where I purchased the item. If the item is sold out, I tagged a similar one.


Physicians Formula Set // Coffee Table Book (similar)


YSL Lipstick // Matte Lipstick // Nail Polish // Note card and Calendar found in Target Dollar Spot // Sea Urchin // Faux Fur Stool


Skirt (similar) // Shoes // Rug


Shoes // Faux Fur Stool


Shirt // Cardigan // Jeans // Booties // Tote // Keychain // Nail Polish


Necklace (similar) // Lipstick // Nail Polish


Mug // Chain Bracelet (similar) // Cuff Bracelet (similar) // Necklace // Blog Planner // Pen found at Target Dollar Spot


Earrings // Hand Cream // Ring Holder (similar) // Snake Bracelet // Cuff Bracelet (similar)


Coat // Top // Jeans // Booties // Tote // Lipstick




Shoes // Blush Top // Dress // White Top

If there is something I missed, please let me know! Have a great weekend!


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How To Wear A Graphic Tee








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Graphic Tee // Blazer // Necklace // Lip (color: Electric Pink) // Jeans // Heels // Similar Clutch// Similar Clutch (more affordable)

Happy Hump Day! I’m happy to announce that I finally have a new laptop! Which means more photos (and ones that are edited) haha! I’m really excited to start this new series on how to wear a graphic tee! Each Wednesday for the next 3 weeks, I will be posting a new outfit with this same graphic tee, to give you ideas on how to wear them. I will also be giving you other ideas that aren’t photographed.

For week one, I kept it basic with jeans and a blazer (of course you don’t have to wear a blazer, it was just chilly when I was photographing these haha). To dress it down a bit, you can wear flats, or white converse (my fav). I love adding a statement necklace and bright colored lip to pull the look together.

The fold over leopard clutch is originally from Accessory Lane, but is currently sold out so I tagged two different options for you. I will let everyone know when this exact one is back in stock. It has become my new favorite bag, and it also has a chain strap to make it a cross body bag!

What is your favorite way to wear a graphic tee? Let me know in the comments!


What’s In My Bag: Small Edition




Happy Monday, loves! I hope everyone had a great weekend. And what about that Patriots v. Broncos football game yesterday!? Go Broncos!

Haha anyways, every wonder what you should keep in a small bag when you are out to dinner or for a few drinks with the girls? Well I’m about to help you out!

  1. Small bag: first of all, it’s best to carry a small bag around with you when you are just going to dinner or a few drinks. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s always hard trying to find a place to store my big bag when I’m in a small crowded bar, am I right? This bag is just the right size to hold everything I need, and isn’t too big. You can find a similar one HERE! You can find the puff ball HERE.
  2. Wallet: to fit my small bag, I usually only carry around a small one that holds my most important cards and cash. I love this one from target.
  3. A few obvious things would be my sunglasses (I can’t go anywhere without them), keys (similar key chain HERE), and breath mints or gum.
  4. Hand lotion: during the winter months, my hands are always super dry, so I like to carry a small thing of hand lotion everywhere I go. This one is the perfect size and works great!
  5. Lip moisturizer: I have the same problem with my lips as I do my hands, they get super dry! So I keep 2 different types of moisturizer with me this one I use to moisturize my lips if I want a tint to it. And this one for just a normal moisturizer.
  6. Lip color: Whatever lipstick or lip gloss I decided to apply, I always carry with me for touch ups. I love this matte liquid lipstick from Colourpop!
  7. The last thing I carry with me is my Blur Perfecter from YSL. Whenever my face gets oily, I apply this over my makeup to get rid of the shine. There is also a mirror in it, so I can also use it as a compact!

If you are carrying a smaller bag than this, you can get rid of the lip moisturizer and hand lotion (I can just get a little OCD about applying moisturizer in the winter months! 🙂 )

What do you like to carry in your small bag when you go out? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for updates on new posts!

XoXo Valerie

Instagram Recap

Happy Fridaaaaaay! I know it has been awhile since I have done a recap of my Instagram photos, so I figured today would be the perfect day to do it. I linked where you can find everything in each photo. Some pieces were sold out, so I tagged similar ones.


Sweater  //  Scarf (similar)  //  Clutch (similar)  //  Jeans  //  Boots (similar)


Make up Brushes  //  Faux Fur Stool (similar)


Necklace (similar)


Sweater  //  Polish


Blanc  //  Ladylike  //  Butter Please (similar)


Lipstick  //  Mascara  //  Primer  //  Blur Perfecter  //  Polishes are tagged above

If there was anything that I missed, please let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on new posts.

Have a great weekend!

XoXo Valerie

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Your BFF

vday bff

1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   //   7   //   8   //   9   //   10   //   11   //   12 

Happy Wednesday! Ever since I was little, I loved giving my BFFs a little gift for Valentine’s Day, whether it was just a card and candy, or a nice pair of earrings. To help you figure out what to give your BFF, I created this gift guide. All items are under $50! I mean, you can’t go wrong with a pizza tee that says “Take a pizza my heart”, am I right? Adorable.

Every Wednesday up until Valentine’s Day, I will be posting these little gift guides to help you find the perfect gift for everyone from your mom to your boyfriend, so make sure you subscribe to stay updated on new posts.

What do you give your BFF on Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!

XoXo Valerie

Summer Sandals

Happy Friday! I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend. I thought this week was never going to end!

Lately I have been obsessed with buying sandals. I just love how you can dress them up or down. So I thought it would be a good idea to show you some of my favorite summer sandals, all under $50! 
Summer Sandals

1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   //   7   //   8

Have a great weekend everyone!

XoXo Valerie

Summer Trend: Pineapples

pineapple shirt

pineapple shirt 3

pineapple shirt 2

Happy Tuesday! This summer, pineapples have become a huge trend! Everything from shirts, cardigans, and even shoes! I have to say I do own a few things with pineapples on them, including this adorable shirt I found on the clearance rack at Target for only $6!

I paired this shirt with my lace shorts (which have been on major repeat this summer), my favorite chambray and bow sandals.

Since the pineapple shirt was on clearance and is no longer available, I tagged a few similar shirts that are even more adorable than this one!

Shirt 1 // Shirt 2 // Shirt 3 // Shirt 4

Shorts // Chambray // Sandals // Purse // Watch // Pink Bracelet // Gold Bracelet

Have a great rest of the week!

XoXo Valerie

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