How To Stay Moisturized During The Winter





Happy Wednesday! Do you all have issues with dry skin during the winter? I know I do. The air in St. Louis is always so dry in the winter, so my skin, lips, and hair always get so dry. There are a few extra steps I add to my daily routine to help prevent that. My daily/nightly skin care routine stays the same (you can find the post HERE). Here is a list of products I add during the winter:

Face Moisturizer
Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion: Since I have oily skin, when it tends to get warm outside, I never use a moisturizer on my face. It just tends to make my face look more oily than it already is. But in the winter, I always use this before putting on my primer. It takes away all of the dead skin flakes and makes applying makeup so much easier. Right before I bought this, my face started breaking out quite a bit (yay hormones!), but when I started to use this I noticed my face started to clear up! Let’s just say I will now be using this daily, even during the summer! Mostly because when I apply it, it doesn’t leave a greasy residue like most moisturizers do. Score!

Eye Cream
One product I always love to use is the Elf Illuminating Eye Cream. I put this on at night right after my night cream. My eyes always look more awake in the morning after using it.

Body Moisturizer
When my legs and arms start to get dry, I also apply my Aquation Daily Moisturizer. One good thing about this moisturizer is that you can use it all over your body, so you don’t have to spend money on a separate one. If I have a spray tan, then I apply Jergens to my legs to help with keeping the color looking fresh.

Body Wash
One product I swear by is the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin once I started using this! It truly helps with dry skin during the winter. 

What products do you use during the winter to stay moisturized? Let me know in the comments!




15 thoughts on “How To Stay Moisturized During The Winter

  1. Great tips! I also have terrible allergies that end up showing on my skin so if I keep moisturized it really helps! I have not tried aquation, but will!! Sounds perfect.


  2. My skin gets so dry during the winter months. I have never heard of this Aquation moisturizer before.


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