Workout Time!





Happy Tuesday, loves! I hope everyone had a great weekend. My bestie moved about two hours away from me, so I spent the weekend at her new place and visited some of her favorite wineries (this town is FULL of wineries). I had a blast, but I’m so sad she is so far away now. At least it’s an excuse for me to get out of town for a weekend!

I made a goal for myself to start being more active, and to walk/run more this fall (since it’s way too hot to do it now). To get myself motivated, I decided to do a little “fall” workout gear shopping! I’m really bad about motivating myself to workout, so I thought shopping would give me a little boost (and seeing this new gear sitting in my bedroom would haunt me).

To me, the perfect fall workout outfit consists of yoga pants (it’s hard to tell in the photo, but these pants have a light zebra print!), a light weight “dry fit” tee and jacket, and a pair of comfortable running shoes. I bought all of these a little while back, and are no longer in stock, so I tagged similar items!

Top // Jacket // Pants // Shoes

Have a great week!

XoXo Valerie


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