Roundup time!

Hey everyone! Sorry for being so absent this week. A lot has been going on including my little sisters prom, job interviews, etc. I have quite a few Instagram photos to round up for you guys! I will also post the code on how to get your first month free with Rocksbox again!

Now on to the Instagram roundup!

image (3)

Sandals // Necklace (linked similar)
The clutch is sold out, but I found a similar one on sale for under $12!

image (8)

Top (sold out, linked similar) // Cardigan // Necklace (sold out, linked similar) // Shoes

image (4)

The watch and bracelets I actually received for hosting a Premier Design jewelry party. My consultant is linked HERE if you want to see her page or order anything!

image (7)

Shirt (linked similar) // Jeans // Shoes

image (5)

Sooo, can we talk about the Lilly for Target madness? I mean, did anyone expect it to be this crazy? I remember Sunday morning I was looking at everything online thinking “well, I guess I can just go to Target later and look at everything” boy was I wrong. I should have just bought it online while it was in stock! I did end up with a few items, but of course everything I had my eye on was sold out. If you were able to get there in time, tag me in your photos, I would love to see what you found!

image (6)

I bought these earrings and necklace from the Metal Marvels flash sale! They have the cutest jewelry at an affordable price! Their website is linked HERE if you would like to go take a look!

Now, on to Rocksbox. I know I had a whole post completely dedicated to Rockbox, but I just wanted everyone to take advantage of the free month promo code! When signing up use code VALERIEBFF89 and your first month will be completely free. Don’t know what Rocksbox is? See my previous post linked HERE!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

XoXo Valerie


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