Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her


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Happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend, I have been so tired this week! What are your plans for the weekend? My boyfriend and I are going to the St. Louis Auto Show! We are going to check out all the new cars, hoping to eventually get a new one. My car is so old, she’s not going to last much longer! Follow me on Snapchat (valzors), I will be posting on there while I am looking at some of my favorite cars.

Isn’t it crazy how fast this year is going already? I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away! To save you from doing any last minute shopping, I created a gift guide that’s perfect to give any lady in your life. If you have a boyfriend or husband that has no idea what to get you, just send him the link to this, haha! 😉

The prices on this list range from $18-$350 to fit every price point. My boyfriend bought me that Graphic Image planner for my birthday, and I’m absolutely in love with it! Not only is it chic, but it helps me organize my time. Also, how adorable are those Kate Spade heels!? They are a bit pricey, but so cute!

What is your favorite gift you have ever received for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!



Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Review



Happy Wednesday! Y’all, my birthday is tomorrow. I can’t believe I will be 26! I feel like I just turned 21 yesterday, haha. So far I don’t really have any birthday plans. It sucks when it lands during the week. Maybe I will go out this weekend or something? Who knows!

Anyways, Influenster sent me these Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet lipsticks to review. I always get so excited when Influenster sends me a beauty product to review, I love trying out new products and being able to tell you all about them! They sent me shades Four Hundred For All (the red color) and Second Skin (the pink color).

These lipsticks are said to be ultra-matte, weightless, and long lasting. I will say the product is pretty weightless. After it dries, it has a matte look to it, and I cannot feel anything on my lips, which is a huge plus for me! My biggest pet peeve is when a lipstick feels really sticky and gross, or feels like I have glue on my lips. The colors are also VERY pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. I wore the red color on Christmas, and it truly is the perfect red lipstick. The pink is not as light as it looks, It kind of showed up like a light red on my lips, but it was a very pretty color!

The only downside is they aren’t very long lasting at all. Unfortunately, while I was eating, the product was coming off on everything my lips touched. By the time I was done eating, you could barely even see the product, it was just like a little stain. I even accidently got some on the sleeve of my sweater! Luckily a makeup wipe took it right off. When I think of liquid matte lipstick, I think long lasting and kissable.

Would I recommend them to a friend? Unfortunately, probably not. There are way better matte liquid lipsticks out there at a cheaper price point. I think Colourpop Ultra Matte lipsticks will always have a place in my heart, haha!

What are some of your favorite liquid lipsticks? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!


Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets received complimentary for testing purposes thanks to Influenster. All opinions are my own! 

Instagram Roundup

Happy Friday! I am so happy it is finally the weekend. I felt like this week was never going to end.

I decided to do an Instagram roundup today, since I haven’t done one in a long time! I noticed a lot of my readers come from Facebook and don’t have an Instagram account, so this is a perfect time to find out where everything is from!

Everything in each photo is tagged with a link to where I purchased the item. If the item is sold out, I tagged a similar one.


Physicians Formula Set // Coffee Table Book (similar)


YSL Lipstick // Matte Lipstick // Nail Polish // Note card and Calendar found in Target Dollar Spot // Sea Urchin // Faux Fur Stool


Skirt (similar) // Shoes // Rug


Shoes // Faux Fur Stool


Shirt // Cardigan // Jeans // Booties // Tote // Keychain // Nail Polish


Necklace (similar) // Lipstick // Nail Polish


Mug // Chain Bracelet (similar) // Cuff Bracelet (similar) // Necklace // Blog Planner // Pen found at Target Dollar Spot


Earrings // Hand Cream // Ring Holder (similar) // Snake Bracelet // Cuff Bracelet (similar)


Coat // Top // Jeans // Booties // Tote // Lipstick




Shoes // Blush Top // Dress // White Top

If there is something I missed, please let me know! Have a great weekend!


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Valentine’s Day Dresses

Valentine's Day Looks

Shop The Look

Look 1: Necklace // Dress // Shoes
Look 2: Necklace // Dress // Shoes
Look 3: Necklace // Dress // Shoes
Look 4: Necklace // Dress // Shoes

Like I’m sure I have mentioned before, (like a million times before) I love Valentine’s Day. This is one holiday where I can dress up in a red cocktail dress and nude heels and not seem overdressed. I had the cutest outfit planned out for a Valentine’s Day shoot, but of course the weather didn’t cooperate and my photographer (aka my sister) was super busy with school and wasn’t available. Don’t worry, I have a plan for the outfit, so you will see it soon! So in place of a Valentine’s shoot, I created a few looks with this guide! These outfits are perfect for going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Each dress is under $100!

My favorite dresses for winter are the ones with long sleeves. They will keep you warm while also looking chic. You can also wear tights under any dress to keep warm (my favorite thing to do). For dress colors, think red and pink. But you can also go with a black dress and wear red or pink accent jewelry.

Which look is your favorite? I’m stuck between number 1 and 4. Let me know in the comments!


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Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Kate Spade Surprise Sale


Shop The Look

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  //  10

Happy Wednesday night! Normally I don’t make my posts live until the morning, but since this sale ends tomorrow night (and it’s too good to pass up) I am posting it a few hours early ;). I have rounded up a few of my favorite items from the sale. Everything is under $200. Everything is selling out FAST so if you want something, make sure you grab it now! All of these items (especially the earrings) would make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts! Just send this guide to your special someone ;), or just treat yourself!

I really love the bow collection. I just might have to add that cosmetic bag set to my cart :). Also, how cute is that lemon coin purse!?

What do you plan on getting from the Surprise Kate Spade sale? Let me know in the comments!


Faux Suede Skirt




Skirt // Blazer // Top // Tights // Necklace // Booties // Bag // Key chain

Happy Tuesday! My laptop is still being worked on, so still bear with me on the photos! I found this faux suede skirt online at Old Navy (sold out, so I tagged a similar one) and knew I needed to have it in my closet. You can wear it during the fall, winter (with tights if it’s cold where you live) and beginning of spring. You can dress it up like I did here with a white tunic and blazer, or make it more casual with a graphic tee.

This outfit would be perfect for your Valentine’s day brunch or dinner.

What are you wearing on Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Have a great rest of your week!


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Yourself

Valentine's Day Gift Guide-Yourself

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Happy Thursday! For this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, it’s all about you! Feel free to send this guide to your man. Or for you single ladies, splurge on yourself! It’s okay to splurge on yourself every now and then. Everything on this guide is under $70. I have a few of these on my wish list (cough, cough 😉 ). I have that Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette, and it is amazing! It’s seriously a must have. I will have a full review of it on the blog soon, so keep an eye out!

Have a great rest of your week!


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Your Guy


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Happy Hump Day! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holiday’s (behind Halloween, of course). When I was little, I always made a little mailbox for the Valentine’s I would receive in class. Sometime’s I really miss being a kid!

Since I know it’s always hard to find something for your guy for Valentine’s Day, I created this gift guide to give you a few ideas on what to get him! If your guy is anything like mine (on the geeky side) he will really love the Star Wars shirt and Avengers mug. If he is a huge gamer, this Playstation 4 Dual Charging dock is the perfect gift that will allow him to charge both of his controllers at once.

Also, this Tommy Hilfiger cologne smells amazing. My guy wears it all the time (and he’s almost out!) so I will for sure be picking up a bottle for him.

What do you plan on getting your guy for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!

XoXo Valerie

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Your BFF

vday bff

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Happy Wednesday! Ever since I was little, I loved giving my BFFs a little gift for Valentine’s Day, whether it was just a card and candy, or a nice pair of earrings. To help you figure out what to give your BFF, I created this gift guide. All items are under $50! I mean, you can’t go wrong with a pizza tee that says “Take a pizza my heart”, am I right? Adorable.

Every Wednesday up until Valentine’s Day, I will be posting these little gift guides to help you find the perfect gift for everyone from your mom to your boyfriend, so make sure you subscribe to stay updated on new posts.

What do you give your BFF on Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!

XoXo Valerie