The Best Fitness Planner For 2019


When it comes to my planner, I’m totally old school. I love actually sitting down and writing things in my planner more than just scheduling things into a calendar on my phone or computer. I’m also really picky with planners. I start searching for one in November, because I know it will take awhile to find the perfect one. Last year I had the Fit Planner from Blogilates, but they changed the design and didn’t include space for your everyday activities (something that I need in a planner), so I had to go with a different one this year. I wanted one that would help me reach my fitness goals, while also having room for my appointments.

After a month of searching. I ended up with the Healthy Hero Happy Planner from Michael’s. When I bought it, they were having a sale for 40% off all planners and accessories, on top of 20% off your entire purchase including sale items. It was around Black Friday, so of course I had to jump on it before they were all gone.

When you first open the planner, it has space to put your name, like most do. The cover is kinda hard and laminated. I’m not a fan of the design, but it can easily be changed out with one from Etsy or Michael’s (even though they didn’t have very many in store). That is one thing I love about this planner, you can customize everything from the cover, the middle expander discs, and you can even add pages within the planner.


My favorite thing about this planner is you can set goals at the beginning of each month, and not just fitness related ones. This section is located before the monthly and weekly calendar views.


When you open to the weekly view, the first section is for everyday items like appointments or to do lists. The next section is called “Focus” but I changed it to be my Blog planning section. Then it goes into your fitness related sections starting with meal planning then exercises. On the left hand side, it has your goals for the week, an empty section for whatever you want to put (I use it to track my weekly steps, calories and active minutes), and then an area to track your water intake (I love this section!).


The rest of the planner includes different sections for goal setting and reflecting on each month. I think I’m going to start this 30 day self-care challenge next month, who wants to join!? Just save the photo below!




Since I decided to go with a Happy Planner this year, I had to get all the stickers to go with it. I bought the Healthy Hero sticker pack from Michael’s, and I also found stickers in the dollar section at Target, and received a few packs from family members around Christmas.

I planned on posting this at the beginning of January, but I ended up getting sick, and then of course I had computer issues and wasn’t able to edit my photos! So sorry this is a bit late. I plan on posting more this year, especially in the next week or two. As some of you know, I have a full time job working for the federal government. Unfortunately, I’m one of the workers that has been furloughed. It really sucks considering I already live paycheck to paycheck as it is, but it’s out of my hands at this point.

But I hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Years! I started to have a fitness challenge with a giveaway during December, but not very many people were participating, so I’m going to move it to February instead! That way everyone will keep going with their New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll have more details towards the end of January.

What type of planner are you using this year? Let me know in the comments!



DIY Painted Letter

Lately I have been trying to re-decorate my apartment. But since I’m on a budget, a lot of it has been DIY projects.

My parents bought me white floating shelves for Christmas that I really need to fill up. So I decided to paint an H (my boyfriend and I both have last names that start with H, lucky right?) to put on them! This DIY project is SUPER easy and also fun to do, and it was all under $10!

Things you will need:
– Letter of your choice (I found mine at Target, but they also have them at Michael’s)
– Acrylic paint, color of your choice (I used a gray/silver color to match my living room)
– Paint brushes
– Ribbon, print or color of your choice (I chose a burlap one I found at Target)

image (5)First, you are going to paint your letter with the acrylic paint that you chose. For me, it took 2 coats of paint, but it just depends on the color you choose.

imageOnce your paint is dry (usually it takes over night to dry), take your ribbon and tie it onto your letter the way you want. Since my ribbon was too thick, I decided to cut it in half before tying it onto my letter.

image (1)

Above is a picture of my letter completed and my ribbon tied in half!

image (2)

image (4)

image (3)

Above are pictures of how I placed my letter H on my floating shelves.

Do you guys like DIY projects? Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more! Also, if you make a painted letter, tag me in it so I can see it!

XoXo Valerie